How to Stop Facebook Game/App Request Notifications

Stop Receiving Any More Gaming or App Request Messages from Facebook
It was the day when we are happy to receive notifications everyday online, but when too much of anything is good for nothing, too much of facebook notification can also offend in some cases.
So how to stop receiving such annoying facebook notification from your friends via applications ?. To stop receiving " facebook " notification in specific is not that much complex as you think, do the simple steps below to make it happen.

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How to block unnecessary facebook notification ?
                             Often we are subscribed to an application in compulsion to access it, and this would let you fill your notification box into applications newsletters, gaming request etc. (or) when one of your friend is addicted to some of the games listed on facebook, to sustain his position, reward point and possess to next level, he often send you too many request in daily basis that you don't ever wish to play - "So how to stop it"

  1. Simply login to your facebook account.
  2. Click notification and hover to the application request.
  3. Click the X symbol at the right of notification and select "turn off" to stop receiving notification. [Refer picture representation below]
    Fig A:  Blocking Facebook Notification
    Fig B: Notification Blocking Confirmation
  4. And your'e done, now you will never receive notification from the specific gaming application.
How to manage facebook application's notification
                            Once you turn off app request and notification, you'll no longer receive notification from the application. But if you wish to activate the application once again and manage all apps at once - "do the steps below".
  1. Visit notifications settings in your account
  2. Tab to app requests and activity and click edit, there you will find list of applications that you have subscribed.
    Managing App/request Notification
  3. Check and uncheck with the corresponding app to block/receive notification as you wish.
So now you know how to filter notification that you receive unnecessarily from your friends and gaming application in facebook.

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