How to Capture Screenshot on Android Mobiles

As we all know there are several snipping tools & inbuilt key controls to capture/record/print live screen of windows desktop and laptops for different purposes. Its been hard to hear there is no such tools and controls to capture mobile screens live, until the release of android version's honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, jelly bean or kitkat.
               No matter what brand is your smartphone, if you have a smartphone with honeycomb or any later version of android OS then it's simply easy.

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Note: It doesn't mean smartphones with gingerbread (or) any earlier version of android cannot capture live mobile screens, but the process would intricate, whereas latest versions are enhanced with several utility features in it.

How to Record Live Mobile Screens in Android Phones.
              There are several ways to record and capture live mobile screens in android phones, and some of them which include inbuilt simple button control mechanism and some with reliable online tools for low end android versions below 4.0.

Way 1:  Button/key Controls
              This is an simple feature, enhanced in later version of android phones(versions 4.0 and above), which doesn't require any third party snipping tools.

  1. Just hold the power and volume down button at the same time for not more than 1 to 2 second to capture screen.
  2. You'll be notified with a shutter sound and notification bar at top, describing the screenshot image.
  3. The captured mobile screens will then stored in a folder named screenshot, check this folder for captured screenshot images. [/internal storage/screenshots].
    Key controls to capture live screen in android mobiles
Note: Most often the above methods works with every android device, but in some devices you are required to press home menu button and volume down button at the same time to take screen shots.

Way 2: "Take a screenshot" in phone option
               The method is simple as well, which is most common in some android devices running version 4.0 or above. But some mobile brands have an alternative user interface built-in instead of "Take a screenshot" in phone option at power button menu.  For example : Asus zenfone user interface customized settings.
  1. Press and hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds and wait for the power options menu screen to appears, then select "Take a Screenshot" to capture currently displayed screen.
  2. Don't worry this will capture screen what's left behind the power option menu prompt.
  3. Power option menu prompt will be excluded from the screenshot.
    Phone option prompt at long power button press.
Note: Remember not every device supports the same kind of mechanism, perhaps this would change according to the mobile brands, because each mobile brands has different user interface and key controls. For example in samsung galaxy S4 press and hold standby key and home button at the same time, then wait for the border's around the screen to flash white to confirm image capture.
                  If the above explained methods didn't work for your device do comment your device below and we will let you know to make it happen. Replicate the same procedure for tablet devices running android operating system.

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