How to Remove Existing Android Device In Google Play Store

Google has acquired several version accordingly in alphabetical order such as ginger bread, Honey Comb, Ice cream sandwitch, Jelly bean, KitKat etc. But it doesn't mean every device hardware supports the latest version of android, so when there is a need to upgrade to a new launch of device, it is essential to hide or remove the existing device from the google play store to stop being listed everytime while downloading a app from Google's playstore.
Why to delete old android device from playstore
          When you have signed in playstore with several android device with the same google account, than whenever you download a app (or) game from google's playstore, this will list you all the device that has been used to sign in playstore, and will prompt you to select a device to start the installation process.

Message Prompts something like this: "this app is compatible with some of your devices".
List of android device added in play store
How to Hide/Remove Android Device in play store
              Once playstore is signed in with android device, it will keep track of its product code and information and cannot be removed at any instance, but can be kept hide from the prompt list during the app download/installation process.

  1. Visit Google Play from your computer.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top right corner of the page and click Settings.
    playstore settings
  3. At the "visibility" column uncheck the check boxes (show in menus) to hide the devices.
    Set visibility
  4. And your'e done.  
    Manage All your android device by adding nick name.
               For better organisation and to distinct device of same brands with same (or) different android version's, while downloading and installing an app remotely, each device must be named uniquely for identification and to reduce redundancy, hence it is essential to add nickname to the device.
    1. Visit Google Play from your computer.
    2. Click the  gear icon at the top right corner and click Settings.
    3. Hover on any device that has to be renamed and click Edit..
      Edit name
    4. Name your device in the text field that appears under "Nickname".
    5. Click update to save the changes to device nickname.
      Add nickname to all device
    6. And your'e done, now you will see the device nickname instead of synced product's real identity.

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