This App is Incompatible With Your Device Error Message Fixed

Google's play store has several paid and free application and games which is compatible with the corresponding version of operating system and devices, but in some cases you will be not allowed to install an application that is actually compatible with the version of android installed device that you recently bought.
 Moved from your old android device to a brand new device with the latest version of android but still couldn't install play store application's that are currently supported for the latest version ?.

To find out why the app is incompatible with your device:

Incompatible device
      Click the plus sign displayed at the right corner of the error message to know the reason for incompatibility to download/install the app into your device.

Possible Reason's For App Incompatibility in your Device:
  1. Remove existing device from playstore (or) sign in with different email address - Google play sotre once signed in with a device will remember the device version, hardware details etc and provides support/downloads for that version, even if signed in later on next with the latest version of android device, unless or until the existing device is removed from the play store. the supports and downloads remains the same for the previous version. so remove the existing device from the google account that was used to sign in the play store. Now sign in play store with the new android device with latest version. 
  2. Geo-Restriction :
    The creator of the app would have restricted the release of app in your country, hence you will see a incompatibility error message.
  3. Incompatible technical capabilities -  As explained above at the introduction part, this could be the most often case installing app from play store with incompatible version's of android OS, app throws error message. Only corresponding versions of android with will be allowed to install/download app from google's play store.

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