Download Facebook Album Photos All at Once In a Single Click

Even a computer with high speed internet can sometimes take time to buffer and load Facebook photos online, if so then think about a computer with slow internet connection, the resultant HD photos will be nothing than a black screen (or) blur image till it buffer's completely.

       So its better to download the entire photo album in original resolution and view it offline without any blur and slow navigation to view next photos. But unfortunately Facebook doesn't have an option to download the entire Facebook album photos all at once, hence you have to download your favorite photos with right click to save one by one to create a memory of records to view, when you're in offline.

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How to Download Facebook Photos Album Entirely To View It Offline:
        If Facebook lacks in some features there will be someone to create it, just like these tools and app to download Facebook album photos.
Download Facebook Album Photos All At Once 
Here in this article we would like to describe some of the tools, Apps and browser extensions which let you download the entire facebook album photos in just a single click.
  1. "Dphoa" Facebook App
  2. "Download FB Album Mod" Web Browser Extension
  3. "FBDownloader" Software Program(Recommended)
1. Facebook App(Dphoa) to Download Photo Album
          "Dphoa" app is an effective tool for Facebook users to move your photo albums to another account (or) to view photo albums offline. It allow's users to download all album or any one specific album in a zipped package. Unlike any other web browser extension that suits only for some browsers, hence its a Facebook app it can be used on any browser.
Dphoa Interface to download facebook album photos
Features of Dphoa:
  • Allows to download entire Facebook album photos
  • Backup uploaded Images or tagged images on computer
  • Also allows to download friends Facebook album photos
  • Upload any number of post on your timeline each photos separately  
How to Use Dphoa:
  • Visit this link to view "Dphoa"  App page
  • Click start downloading and give permission to the app to process.
  • Make a selection to begin your download from "Dphoa" page, either one photo album or all photo album at once.
  • The photos will be downloaded in zipped format, extract the zip files to explore your selected album photos.
  • And you're done.
Note: Dphoa has an interface that let you download your profile photo album in specific(i.e. you can download any one album photos or the entire album), but other user profile photo album were downloaded completely.

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2. Web Browser Extension - Download FB album mod
            Don't search for specific photo album in Apps and tools to download, use this browser extension to download whatever Facebook photo album you see on Facebook. It also includes several features to enhance the user experience such as filter, layout, change name, restyle etc..
FB Plugin to download Facebook Photos.
If you are a chrome user then this add on suits you the best and it's available on Google App store, it also supports opera and fire box browsers but we don't recommend you to use this add-on on any other browser other than chrome, because some of its features wont't work on other browsers.

Features of Download FB almum mod:
  • Download whatever photos/album you see on Facebook
  • Also Supports Instagram
  • Allows to download compressed image to reduce internet data
  • Additional utilities such as filter, layout, restyle etc.
How to USE:
  • Visit this link and add the extension into your web browser.
  • Restart your browser to see extension and check to see extension added at the top right corner of your browser address bar.
  • Navigate to any facebook photo album or timeline and click the extension button installed on browser. (Note: Enter the photo album to download all photos inside the album, Download attempt without entering the album will download only the album cover photos)
  • Then select any one of the option below: 
    1. Normal Download: Select this to automatically download photo album with minimum number of photos.
    2. Download without auto load: This option is recommend to opt when trying to download large album.
    3. Load from specific id: Use this option to download your friends album photos.
  • Once any of the option is selected, it opens a new tab window with all photos in the album loaded and ready to download.
  • Press (Ctrl+S) on keyboard to save photos.
If you don't like this extension and want to remove it from chrome browser just visit chrome://extensions/ and uncheck enabled or remove from chrome.

Warning: Right click to download this photo option may not work sometimes due to crash or pop up block and Export last album will not work for album with many photos.

3. FBDownloader Software Program(Recommended)
             If you're a fun loving person then this software program is for you. Unlike any other app or extension the "FB downloader" has an option to download Facebook album photos either in color (or) black and white.
FB Downloader Software to download facebook album
Features of FBDownloader:
  • Easy to Use
  • Allows to consolidate your Facebook Album Photos in Hard Disk
  • Download album photos in black and white.
  • Create Back Up for Facebook Album Photos
  • And its free to download and use.
How to Use "FB Downloader" ?
  • Visit this link and download FB downloader software program into your computer
  • Install & Run the downloaded program(Note: FB downloader requires .net framework to be installed onto your computer, it prompts you to install microsoft's .net framework at run time, if your computer doesn't have an .net framework installed)
  • Login with your facebook username and password credential then grand permission for fb downloader.
  • Once you logged in, the interface will guide you with icon's and drop downs to download what and whose album to be downloaded at which location in your hard disk storage.
  • Once the downloaded is started, a window prompts on screen displaying the running process
  • If you're trying to download your friends album then "FB downloader" prompts you to select publish or don't publish, if you publish your friends will know you found their tagged photos.
  • And you're done, check "MyfacebookFolder" for downloaded photos/album.
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Hope you enjoyed this article, and do comment below for queries and also don't forget to like and share this post with your friends and family. 

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