Make Pirated Copy of Windows 7 OS Into Genuine

Did you know Microsoft has stopped selling windows 7 genuine operating system last year and as per windows life cycle chart the end of sales for PCs with Windows 7 pre-installed will be on October 30, 2014, so if you have a computer installed with the windows 7 operating system, until you activate it with the genuine license key provided by Microsoft it will be considered as a pirated copy of windows. Since they have stopped selling windows 7 operating system you have no other option than buying a window's 8.1 or any upgraded version of windows, this action by Microsoft is to force its new user's to buy their latest version of operating system. However Microsoft has never stopped its service to its existing windows 7 consumer's.

Despite some e-commerce websites like ebay, Amazon have few more stocks left, so rush to get yours if you can. Out of stock is not the only reason for some people to hesitate to buy windows 7 genuine operating system, because getting a genuine copy of windows 7 operating system is expensive around $300 US dollars, moreover we can buy a decent laptop or desktop for that amount. It's affordable for some people buying a system and software separately with different price tags.

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Why to Buy Genuine Window Operating System ?
       If you're an Asian this question is common with you all, because around 90% people in Asia were using pirated copy of windows operating system. Most of the people were not aware of benefits of having a genuine copy of windows, it's just because they get everything without someone pestering them to make it genuine.
Genuine Microsoft Software
Usually, you need to activate Windows only once, unless you make a significant hardware change such as replacing motherboard, graphic card, hard disk, network card and RAM.  But whenever a computer attempts to download optional updates from Microsoft, it performs a validation check, because when it comes to windows, validation check is a recurring process that checks the product key to make sure it's not blocked or being used on hardware that's different than what you were using when you activated windows.

For instance: If you're trying to download updates for Ms-office, the windows checks to see if your product key is valid. Once validation is successful then the windows download's the Ms-office updates (or) else prompt to activate genuine copy of windows.

How to Fix "This Copy of Windows Not Genuine" Error ?
        If you are a fan of windows 7 for its speed and transparency, and don't want to miss it for any reason, you can make your pirated copy of windows 7 OS into genuine. To do so follow the steps below.

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This copy of windows is not genuine
  1. Login to your user account with Administrator privilege.
  2. Once logged in, click Start->type CMD on search, when appeared right click on CMD and select "Run as administrator".
  3. Type slmgr -rearm in command prompt and click enter.
    Enter command prompt
  4. Wait a few seconds to process
  5. A windows script host dialog box prompts to restart your computer to make changes (i.e. "Command completed successfully" Please restart the system for the changes to take effect ‘) .
    Windows Script Host Responding For Successful Command
  6. Then Restart your computer
  7. You're done
Now you'll never see the desktop black screen and you can change your desktop background  picture to anything.  If you are not sure whether your copy of windows is genuine or not, click here to validate your copy of windows.

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Note: This method is temporary and it requires recurring activation through command prompt after every 30days/1 month of period.  We recommend you to always buy legitimate copy of windows operating system from OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), the above solution to "This copy of windows not genuine" Error Message, will only remove the windows tag depicting its users as a software counterfeiter.
Windows re-arm
The allowed number of attempts to make your pirated copy of windows into a genuine windows is limited and if you still want to use pirated copy of windows as genuine copy OS, then you must re-install the OS after ever 3 to 5 recurring re-arm's.

Warning: Using pirated versions may cause Windows to go vulnerable to Virus Malware and Trojans, even an authorized antivirus software cannot block all threats, so we recommend you to always use genuine copy of windows 7 operating system. 


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