Solve Math Equation Easily Using Mobile Camera With PhotoMath App

Finally technology has proved that it's a boon to people, by presenting an App that solves any complex mathematical equations in just a glance with your Smartphone mobile camera. It's pretty amazing to hear that your lifetime wish to solve any equation has finally come true without any trouble.

If you're a teacher you would immediately fight off against the release of this app, that solves the equation instantly, which makes kids lazy and stop them from doing their homework  all by themselves, then blindly scribble the answers without knowing how the answer's were derived,  But Photo Math has resolved this query raised by teacher's, According to the "PhotoMath" team since it provides the answer followed by the step by step guide alongside the way, therefore it makes the students understand mathematical problem better than before.

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How to Use Photo Math App to Solve Mathematical Equation ?            Using a calculator to solve any equation without knowing the steps, is like going for a unknown hilly region without a Map to navigate. But with Photo Math app you can solve any mathematical problem, just by pointing your mobile phone camera at the equation which describes the solution steps alongside.
Use Mobile Camera to Solve Math Equation with PhotoMathh app
  1. Point mobile camera at the equation to be derived.
  2. Place the equation within the red frame (Drag to adjust the size of red frame to fix the equation in place between the red frame).
  3. Hold on the camera at the equation for few seconds for the results to appear on the screen under the red frame.
  4. Photo Math app has 3 Functioning buttons added below.
    • Light Button => Enable's phone's LED to scan at dark places
    • Help ?            => Contains Photo Math app Tutorial
    • Step  ->        =>  Display's the steps by step derivation on how the answer was derived
  5. Use next arrow buttons below to see how the equation was derived.
Note: PhotoMath currently solves only basic arithmetic's, decimal numbers, linear equations, powers and roots, fractions, and logarithms. Since it's just beta version of app, complex mathematical equation are about to add in the upcoming releases.

How Photo Math App Works ?
            This app was designed and work in such a way similar to the bar code reader that scan's the printed line of codes on a product and describes it details. But instead of light ray's as sensor in Bar Code reader's, Photo Math uses Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology that uses the mobile phone camera to scan the equation character's and solve it instantly. so now don't use calculator's every time to solve the complex equations, simply use your smartphone camera.

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A video demo represent "how photo math app works"

Note: Photo Math can only recognizes characters and words printed on worksheet and text book and currently it doesn't support any kind of hand written equation. And also it cannot recognizes the characters equation displayed on any digital device For example Laptop computer and tablet, or other smartphone.
Photo Math App Downloads:
       PhotoMath a smart camera calculator app by photo recognition software company "Microblink" is a free app currently available for Apple's iOS and Windows Phones.
Unfortunately "Photo Math" app is not yet available to download for android user's, and the photo math app team has promised for the release of the android version of photo math in early 2015, so until then Android user's bear up with the photo math team and hold on for a little bit longer.

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