Block Specific Website Cookies From Storing On Web Browser

Enable Do Not Track Only On Particular Websites to Browse Priavtely
Even in our private room's we are not the only one using our desktop and laptop computer's, and cannot stop everyone from using our computer every time. No one of us would like to get tracked by the history that left unclear at the last use, which reveals our browsing habits, so we often delete history once we completed browsing, but if you are in an emergency or sometime you may forget to clear your history, a situation like this could make you embarrassed when someone looks at your searching history deliberately.

By default web browser's retain's cookies on to the client computer's, received from the web server to identify users' information, location etc. These cookies when stored onto the computer will remain active until the browser cookie information were deliberately cleared/removed by the user. some websites use cookie information to target ads onto the client's computer. For example: You may find Google ads displayed on a website related to your recent search on Google search engine.

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Enable "Do not track" on particular website for private Browsing?
        To stay private on public computer's, incognito(Privacy Mode) window would be the ideal utility to deal with, but private browsing on incognito window will block's complete history from storing on to the computer, to enable Do no track history on any random website URL from leaving traces and history on to the computer, just follow these simple steps.
  1. Open your browser
  2. Copy the below code and paste it in the browser address bar
      (Note: Replace the "Domain-Name" with any URL that you don't want to be tracked)
  3. Run the above code in browser address bar.
  4. A message pops out immediately after the composition, saying action has been completed.
    API Call Back - Website Tracked Block Confirmation
  5.  And you're done, Do this on all other browser to stop tracking your history files.
Please Note: This code block only the future cookies from the website that leaves history, user information/location etc., any history that exist on browser before the code execution will remain in the history list until cleared completely.

How to Disable "Do not track" cookie in Web Browser ?
So now you know how to stop tracking any particular website fromstores history with this piece of code, but what if you want to disable "Do-not-track" webpage history and enable tracking utility.
Just clear the site blocking cookie that you already installed to enable "do no track" for specific websites, to do so.
In Google Chrome 
  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Go-to ->Settings->Advanced Settings->In Privacy->click clear browsing data 
  • Then select the check box "Cookies and other site and plug-in data" and click clear browsing data.
  • And you're done
In Mozilla FireFox
  • Open Fire Fox Browser
  • Go-to ->Settings->Option->Tap to Privacy and click remove individual cookies
  • Immediately a window pops up and click on Remove all cookies
  • And you're done.
In Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer. 
  • Click the Safety button at the top right corner, and click Delete Browsing History
  • Then select the check box next to Cookies
  • And then Click Delete
Note: You can also use any browser cleaner such as C Cleaner (Recommended) to remove potentially unwanted internet files and Windows Registry entries from a computer/web browser to disable "Do-no-track" option on all web browser's at a time.

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