Check Whether Installed Antivirus is Working and Guarding Computer or Not

Do you doubt your antivirus? If yes, then test your Antivirus whether its really guarding your computer against virus and malware, because having an Antivirus software installed doesn't mean you're really protected and free from security threats.

You might have spent a huge amount of money on antivirus software's to protect your computer from virus, malware, Trojan etc. but it's very much important to keep it up to date and enabled to block any suspicious threats, because every day thousands of new virus definition's have been created and spread around the internet, so the existing preventive algorithm's of your antivirus may fail to detect and defend the new threats.

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By default only users running Windows 8 and later versions doesn't require any third party tools separately to be installed, to stay protected from virus, spyware and other malicious software, because it comes with a predefined antivirus tool called windows defender, However in some cases it may be turned off for some reason which allows anything to be downloaded from the internet that tampers your system security. Here in this article, we are going to test antivirus software with EICAR test file.

What is EICAR?
        EICAR(European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) is a test file and non-viral string of code to check whether the antivirus is working and blocks any suspicious files from downloading into the system.

How to Test your Antivirus is Working or Not?
         Don't ever compromise on computer security, always make sure your antivirus program signature definition is not obsolete. To test antivirus software working or not, just follow the simple steps below.

Note: This test run is just to ensure whether your antivirus program is working or not, and it doesn't evaluate the efficiency of your antivirus program.
  1. Open notepad on your computer
  2. Copy and paste the below code into it.


  3. Save the notepad file with either .exe or .com as extension For example (TestVirus.exe (or)
  4. Immediately the created file will be deleted by your antivirus, if not then your antivirus software must be disabled and not working.
  5. And you're done.
Additional Method: If you're not comfortable with the above steps simply try downloading different EICAR test zip file embedded in EICAR websites, to make sure your antivirus software is active. Visit the below EICAR test file link and try to download EICAR test zip file into your computer, to check instantly whether your computer prevents you from downloading any EICAR test files.
Click on the above link to download the zip file, if your Antivirus is active then it will not allow the zip file to be downloaded/Extract into your computer and triggers an alert message immediately when composed.
EICAR Download Alert Message
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Note: Antivirus software when detects a suspicious file trying to load into a computer from the browser, prompts an alert message only when it detects for the first time, and block it automatically without any further notice when tried to access the same link next time.

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