How to Know Who View's and Spy on your Facebook Profile

Facebook when launched it claimed that it will interconnect friends and family online, then later suggest its user's to integrate people with the same taste, thereby it interconnects people from any part of the world, which increase the number of friends on Facebook, so if you're a Facebook member you can have maximum of 5000 friends on Facebook, most probably 90% of people were anonymous in your friend list, who are allowed to view, like, comment and share your status and post, which becomes a major threat to maintaining privacy.

However, with the help of Facebook privacy policy, you can restrict (or) limit user's and search engines from seeking your account, and also partition your friends into different categories and groups such as close friends, acquaintances, family etc.

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Find who views your Facebook profile 
What are People you may know On Facebook - With the help of the information provided by you on Facebook, it suggest you with a list of people with the same data recorded in the Facebook database.
For example: If you're a student of some school, Facebook suggests you not only the friend/person from your class, it may also suggest a person from any class in the whole school.

2 Best Ways to Check Who View's Your Facebook Profile  
       Some people will always keep stalking on our daily activities, it may be your crush or X, but if you think they cannot stalk you when you're online on Facebook, you are wrong, even with strict privacy settings enabled, unless you blocked that person on Facebook, they are free to view your profile, even if they are not in your friend list.

Unlike Orkut, Facebook doesn't have a utility to show its users with a recent visitor to their profile, hence Facebook users may never know who viewed their profile and checking updates every day. If you are curious about knowing who views and check your Facebook profile the most, then just remember there is no such tools or algorithms to reveal the stalker's identity, if any online tool claim that it can reveal who viewed your profile, immediately report such tools to Facebook, because these tools are created intentionally to steal users password (or) spam user profile with advertisement, post irrelevant content on status etc when granted access. but following these tips will let to determine who it might be.

Way 1: Using your Facebook Profile Page Source Code 
  1. First login to your facebook account 
  2. Go to your profile page
  3. Right click on an inactive area on the profile page and select view page source from the option (or) press CTRL+U keys on the keyboard.
  4. Immediately a new tab window opens with the profile page information.
  5. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to open search box 
  6. Now type "Friendslist" in the search field and press enter.
  7. You'll find the word friends list are highlighted followed by the number such as 100001611164217. For example 100001634124237-3 and 100001634161117 -2, here the prefix number's represents the user profile id and suffix no -3 represents no of times that user views your profile. 
  8. Open a new tab and type the prefix no here and press enter.
  9. Now the facebook profile of the person who stalked on your facebook account will be opened in this tab.
  10. Now you know with whom you're connected with the most.
Note: Since it uses the facebook profile id to track who views your profile the most, only the signed in facebook users are tracked.

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Way 2: Analyzing with the traces left on Facebook
    There is a saying "No one makes a mistake without leaving a trace", but any stalker to your account no need to make separate mistakes to get identified, because Facebook records and reveals the stalker's identity to the account holder automatically in the name of suggestion's.
  1. With Facebook Chat Box Friend List: Turn off your chat box and Turn On once again, and immediately take a close look at the chat box friend list, the friends who first appear in your list before making an available friend list with a green signal, would be the one who is stalking on your account.
  2. Through Facebook Search Box: Just type the first letter of the user profile whom who have doubt, then immediately Facebook list some of the profile in an order, then the profile that comes the first must be the one who is checking your profile the most(This suggestions applicable even while tagging friends in pics, post etc). 
  3. Facebook Suggestions(People you might know): The above steps are to reveal a stalker from your friend list, but if he/she is no in your friend list, you can easily identify with the suggestions made by Facebook to you at the right panel (i.e.people you might know). (Note: People you might know also suggest your friends, mutual friends, so always make sure the mutual friend list before pointing him as a stalker). 
Warning Note: Online Facebook tools which claim to list the profile viewers of your account, uses your profile information and friend list, and cannot be 100% accurate which picks random people from your friend list and order's in a sequence based on comments, likes, shares, and conversation, so better don't grant access to any third party tools which claims to list the people who views your profile the most and also report such app to Facebook.


  1. This entire article is inaccurate. The accounts displayed through the source code are the ones "you" visit the most. Same with the order in which people appear I'm the chat dialogue. They're the people "you" stalk the most, not the other way round.

  2. That's weird because it pulled up people I haven't checked their profile in years. It also pulled up people I don't even know

  3. How come you put apostrophes on your words in the plural?

  4. It sure works but I'm confused on the suffix #. Does that number mean how many times they viewed your profile in the last 24 hours?

  5. Way 2: Analyzing with the traces left on Facebook

    - no.1 is plausible (the chat box list the person that you had chat recently, the top list would be your friend or even a non-friend that chat with you frequently and/or even visited you recently)

    - no.2 is plausible and very tricky or could be inaccurate too (in the search box, FB only list the profile that you had visited. The more often you visited, the more likely it will appear on the top list. Let assume your name is [T]oto Dile and your suspect name is Bobo [T]aro. If you type the initial letter of your first name [T] in the search box, then you notice your suspect name is on the 2nd top of the list too, this means your suspect had visited your profile frequently from the past few days ago. This only works if your initial letter of the first name has the same initial letter of your suspect last name. To confirm this, type your suspect initial letter of the first name in the search box, if your suspect name appeared on the top of the list, then the result of stalking is TRUE)

    - no.3 is plausible, but could be inaccurate too (remove all the suggestions that have mutual friend. Any profile without your mutual friend is your potential recent visitor. Note: the FB suggestion have daily update cycle. Jot down the name of non-mutual friend profile, remove it and check back on the next day. If the same suspect profile still appeared, then it means the suspect had been stalking you recently. If it didn't appeared, remove all of the suggestion again and check back on the next day)

    1. What if you x the person you think is stalking you from people you may know. I assume your profile will also disappear from their list. What if they visit your profile after you x them, will they pop up as people you may know again?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry, the profile isn't visible. I doubt if that ID code is existing for any profile view.

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