Pen Drive Detected but Not Shown in My Computer Problem Fixed

Did you know ! Around 60% of removable media devices such as USB flash drives and Pen drives were dumped for software errors, thinking it does not work any longer, which requires only a simple troubleshoot, in some rare cases even new devices were also kept idle (or) dumped else return back to retailer reporting as a faulty device.

And one common issue to dump/destroy the removable media disk is "Drives detected but not listed on my computer", for accessing files and folders in it. This could occur due to the accidental removal of device drive letter from the system volume (or) failure of the Operating System to name and partition the drive volume at the time of installing the device driver files. The drive letter is the name of the drives (system volume) which is used as an address by the operating system to access the drive , so removing the identity of the driver will probably remove it from my computer list.
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How to Fix USB Flash Drive Detected But Not Showing In My Computer Problem ?
      whenever a new device injected into the computer, the system detects the plugged-in device then automatically search and install the appropriate driver files for access. Sometimes due to failure of some of its driver files, which results in un-allocated disk space, may cause your device to disappear from the My computer list, but still detected by the system.

Hope you are here to fix the issue "USB flash drive are recognized but not showing in my computer", this is simple then you think, just follow these simple steps to fix this issue.

First Check the status of the disk drive in disk management
  1. Open run command prompt and type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  2. Immediately device management window will open prompt.
    Disk Management Window
  3. Check the colors of the bar on the top of disk drives
    • Black bar on disk drives represent the disk is un-allocated  
    • Blue bar on disk drives represent the disk is allocated. 
    Allocated and Un-Allocated Disk Drives Difference with Colors
  4. Now relating with color of your disk drives in disk management window, proceed with either 
    • Method 1 = If the drive has Un-Allocated Disk space (or)
    • Method 2 = If the drive is Allocated but still not accessible 
Method 1: If the drive has Un-Allocated disk space
  1. If the drives are Un-Allocated right click on the un-allocated Pen drive and select New system volume, to create a new partition to allocate disk space.
  2. New Simple Volume - If drives is un-allocated
  3. A new simple volume wizard prompts then click next.
  4. Then assign the size of the system volume of the disk to be used in MB.
    Assign the size of the volume to be used.
  5. Click next and assign the drive letter and path. (Note: Make sure you assign a letter that is not used for any other disk drives on the system)
  6. We recommend you to format the partition, instead do no format for smooth access.(Note: Set File system as FAT32 if your pendrive/flash drive is beyond 2 GB of capacity)
    Format Partition with FAT32 file system(Recommended)
  7. Name the volume with any label and click next to complete the process.
  8. And you're done.

Method 2: If the drives are allocated disk space but not accessible.
Warning: Changing the drive letter to un-hide/display the USB drive in Window's Explorer requires formatting of the USB disk to be accessible then ON. So if the files in the USB disk are required, we urge you to create backup's before proceeding with the below steps. 
  1. Right click on the pendrive and select change drive letter and path.
    Change drive letter and paths
  2. A window pop ups immediately, click change to assign a different drive letter for the pen drive. (Note: Make sure you assign a drive letter, that is not assigned to any other drives in the system).
    Change the drive letter

    Assign different drive letter
  3. Once the drive letter is successfully changed, it must appear in the My computer disk drives list, if not restart the computer.
  4. And you're done.
Note: Disk Management utility command is same for all version of windows operating system, so the above methods can be applied to any version of windows OS.

Hope you enjoy this article do comment below for any queries, and also like and share this article with your friends and family.


  1. My drive appears as Disk1 in Disk management and right beneath it is No Media just as CD-Rom appears in your illustration and you can only view properties and change drive path letter without formatting and even after changing drive letter it tries appearing in my computer but vanishes within a second.Hope you can help me.

  2. sir i tried method 1 but it showing " incorrect function". now what should i do..

    1. And when i tried it showed system cannot find the file specified

  3. After opening disk management box and after right click there when i tried to change the drive letter it showed a dialogue box with file location is unspecified.

    Reply to this comments if u got solution for it

  4. I tried this method and there another problem in between. After right click and selecting change drive , there comes a dialogue box as the file location is not specified . help me if u got solution for it ...
    Reply soon

  5. my removable drive is not shown in disk management
    kindly suggest me a different solution

  6. my removable drive is not shown in disk management

  7. Sir,
    i have encountered a problem with flash drive its gets beeped when plugged in and gets detected by computer and the problem rises when i try to access it, it says no media and in my computer nothing is shown and in disk management there will be removable disk and below to that saying No media found. please help me get out of this

  8. in 2nd method after right clicking on the pendrive "change drive letter and paths" option is not hightlighted. what should i do now.

  9. in 2nd method after right clicking on the pen drives"change drive letter and paths option is not highlight,current option highlight"delete partition"click and autometically open new partition and your proble solve

  10. My 32 GB sundisk pendrive sown in divace manager but not sow in my computer.ialso try sow in disk menager but it sow in black colur and i wtright click on it only open properties dilog how can i formet it?i atech it settopbox and it write protected.i want to formet it but i uneble how can i do?

  11. I bought a spy pen camera HD with 32gb internal memory and it looks like a USB port and when I insert my laptop it shows device driver installed successfully but not showing removable disk space how to solve this problem I am using Windows 7

  12. My reomoval disk (hp 32 gp) is showing in the disk management . Please help me to solve this problem.

  13. I rewckon something truly interesting about your site sso
    I bookmarked.



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