Remove Visited Web URLs and Search Term from Browser Address Bar

The browser's evolved in such a way to facilitate access to the internet in an optimized way, so whenever a user visits a website, the browser remember's the website URL entered in the Omni box and saves the web page information as cookies. So the next time when the user tries to access the website, the browser will auto-complete the entry with the search history URL.

Though it facilitate faster user access sometimes it may offend few user's, For example: Accidentally if you've visited a faulty website in a browser, then whenever you type a similar query on Omni box, it will also list the faulty website URL, therefore it will be annoying to clear the entry each time.

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Note: Deleting browser history doesn't clear the search entries from displaying on the Omni box, search entries are stored in the browser as cookies. We advise you to delete the cookie information to permanently remove the search entries from the Omni box.

How to Delete/Clear Visited Web URL Auto-Suggestions on Omnibox ?
           How embarrassing it will be when someone uses your computer to search about POLL and end up with browser auto-completing the search entry from the search history and suggesting the user with Search term/URL related to P0RN.

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Delete Visited Web URL and Search term on Omni Box

Removing the search entries made on browser Omni bar is not a strenuous process, it's simple, just two key combinations of the keyboard could permanently remove them from future suggestions. Follow the steps below to proceed.
  1. Type the query or URL you want to remove from browser auto-complete suggestions
  2. Now the browser will list the search terms and URL related to the query
  3. Select the query or URL you want to remove.(Use Arrow Keys to target the entry)
  4. And press 
    1. "Shift+Delete" in Chrome Browser to remove the search entry
    2. "Delete" in Firefox Browser/IE to remove the search entry
  5. You're done.
Note : Website bookmarked in the browser will be suggested persistently, unless or until removed from the bookmarked sites list in Google Chrome. However, in the Firefox browser, you can control the search auto-complete feature whether the search suggestion results were included or excluding bookmarked website in the suggestion list.

How to Disable Web Search Prediction/Suggestion In Chrome
   By default, when typing text in browser address bar/search engine address bar, it will automatically suggest user with a list of queries related to the previous search and popular queries. If it offends you in any way and wants to disable the prediction service, just do the following.

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Enable/Disable Search Prediction In Google Chrome
  1. Go to Chrome Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings (Scroll below). 
  2. Under privacy block, Un-check "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar or the app launcher search box"
  3. And you're done.
Note: Previous search URL and Term may still appear, until cleared with "shift+del" or removed from stored cookies.

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