How to Hide Whatsapp Photos & Videos from Gallery and Other Apps

A gallery is the very first place where we look for images and videos to play because photos and videos from different apps and folders are synchronized and managed as a portrait in Gallery app. Whenever the Gallery app is opened, it scans for media files in the directories and loads its references into the application, hence Gallery app will overflow with lots of pictures and videos from various apps media folders on the SD card and Internal memory, so the user would fumble to view the actual images what he/she is looking for.

In the case of the popular social messaging app "Whatsapp," it's not every time we receive and share fun images and videos, sometimes awkward media files would also fill the Whatsapp media folders which will automatically reflect on the Gallery app. Since Whatsapp is like a private chat most probably we protect it with passwords and pattern lock, but not in the case of Gallery app. So when someone sneaks into our Gallery app, they can see the pictures and videos that we don't want other's to see.
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How to Remove "Whatsapp" Pictures, Videos, Music Files From Gallery App in Android Mobile
Android application defends their media files by creating dot naming system files in their folder location. Since Android, Linux operating system runs in the kernel, folders with .No media system files are ignored by the media scanner search.

However, Gallery App scans media files from an application which doesn't defend its data from being invoked in Gallery app, since by default Whatsapp doesn't block its media files from being scanned by another app in the android mobile, hence they are automatically loaded in Gallery app and the music app. So to prevent and hide Whatsapp images and videos from displaying on Gallery app and Music app, follow these simple tricks below.
  1. Create .nomedia file: To create a .nomedia file, In windows create an empty notepad file and save as filename .nomedia and save as type All files.
    Tip-Note: To create a .nomedia system file without the computer, download ES File Explorer Manager (4 MB file) from play store and install it, open the app and click new then select file and name it .nomedia.
  2. System files are different from notepad file, even though you are creating .nomedia file with notepad it's not a text file it's a .nomedia file type when saved as type All files. Always ensure the type of file you are creating.
    Identify .nomedia and .nomedia text files
  3. Now transfer the .nomedia system file into your mobile through Bluetooth, wifi, data cable or any other transmission medium. Note: Since .nomedia is a system file by default it will be set hidden, To view the .nomedia file uncheck hide system files in folder settings.
    Uncheck Hide System Files
  4. Then move .no media file to the folder that you want to exclude its media files such as photos and videos from reflecting on Gallery App. For Example: To remove WhatsApp images from gallery app, place the .nomedia files into the WhatsApp image folder.
    Add .nomedia file in WhatsApp media folder to exclude both videos and images
  5. If you want to exclude only WhatsApp images from Gallery App simply add the created .nomedia file into the WhatsApp image folder only. 
  6. And you're done, Like this, you can exclude any folder media files from loading into Gallery App.
Note: Usually the changes will reflect instantly, if not we recommend you to reboot the phone to make the changes.

Unhide and Show Whatsapp images and videos in Gallery App and Music App
To unhide and display the images that were marked to ignore from media scanner search, simply remove the .nomedia system files from the respective folders.

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Once the .nomedia system files are removed, photos and videos will not appear immediately it requires a restart. If even after the reboot if the Gallery App and Music App do not include the media files from WhatsApp and other apps.  Goto Settings > Apps > Media Scanner > Clear Cache.
Hope you enjoy this article, and do comment if you have any queries with the above process and don't forget to like and share with your friends and family.

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