How to Add Image Tag, Album Art & Playlist Cover in Mp3 Audio Files

You might have seen pictures while playing mp3 audio files on media players, and also these pictures appear as a thumbnail icon in all intended devices(if thumbnail (or) icon view is enabled). But sometimes you may find that pictures are irrelevant in some of the mp3 files played on the media player. For instance: You will see Justin Bieber pictures, hearing Miley Cyrus "It's a party in a USA" song.

Besides relevancy, customizing your favorite mp3 songs album pictures is really a great fun. You can prank your friend with irrelevant pictures on mp3 files, add your favorite celebrity image in audio playlist etc. Here in this post, we have described two ways to add album cover/image tag for your mp3 files, they are.
  1. Add Image to Mp3 Files Using Windows Media Player(WMP)
  2. Customize Mp3 file Album cover and properties using Mp3Tag(Recommended)
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How to Add Pictures in Mp3 Audio Files using Windows Media Player
Windows still retain its position, because of its adequate enough resources for its end-user needs. It's a great success not only for business needs but also for entertainment purposes. These successes come from efficient apps that were pre-installed along with the Windows operating system, and one such app is Windows Media Player a proprietary of Microsoft.
Add Album Art, Cover Photos to Mp3 Files
With "Windows Media Player" we enjoyed playing and sharing music files, streamed audio/video files(Both Online and Offline), and also used it for ripping and burning CD/ DVD. But it's features doesn't stop with this, still much more there to be mined from its core. Many of us will use WMP only to play media files, but here we will show you, how to customize image tags or album cover for mp3 audio and video files in windows media player(WMP).

Note: select visualization mode as album art in WMP to view the image tags when the mp3 files are played on. to do so Right click on WMP ->visualization->Album Art.

Follow these steps to customize mp3 files using WMP:
  1. Open your mp3 file using Windows Media Player then switch to the library, if you are into playing mode. Note: By default, only media's in the C Disk(OS Disk) partition will be listed in WMP, to add media files from other partition and directories into WMP add it manually.
  2. To add music files from other partition manually Goto ->Organise->Manage Libraries->Music and Include directory containing mp3 file into WMP library.
    Add Music Files into WMP library
  3. After adding the Music files into WMP library, Copy the picture from your computer that you want to add to your mp3 file, then Goto->WMP library and select the mp3 file then Right click on the album category and paste the copied image into it.
    Paste the album art into an mp3 file
    Note: Changes cannot be restored back to its original detail, but you can modify it manually.
  4. And you're done, now you will see images of your favorite star while playing their mp3 album in your PC/Mobile/Tablet.

How to Add Album Cover and Mp3 File Properties Using Mp3 Tag
And for those who find customizing pictures of mp3 files in Windows Media Player a Bit difficult and tedious process to change one by one, we would like to present you a software application called mp3 tag, that makes your customization, even more, easier with additional customization features.

Note: As of now mp3 Tag is available to download only for windows operating system. For MAC, Linux and Unix operating system mp3 tag app release was expected in the future.

Mp3Tag allows you to add and edit details of your mp3 file such as Title, Artist, Year, Directory, and most importantly album cover arts, etc, and also lets you customize your mp3 file either one after another (or) by changing the whole album at a time with the same details, For instance: list of songs from the same album with different file/track names.
  1. Download Mp3tag(3mb) exe file by visiting this link then install and run it on your system
  2. Go to File -> Add directory (or) add directory icon menu underneath the link menu. Note:  Only directory such as folder or partition can be added in the mp3 tag, hence adding audio files by direct access is not possible. To add an mp3 file in the mp3 tag, add the folder containing the mp3 file.
    File - > Add directory to add your mp3 files contained a folder
  3. Once the mp3 files are loaded from the specified directory, right click on the mp3 file that you wish to change the details and select extended tags.
    Right-Click on mp3 file to add/edit its detail.
  4. Immediately a new window pop-up. In this window you can add Album cover, fields (or) remove existing details. To add album cover, click the album cover button and browse for the image that you wish to add as an album cover and select it.
    Add details in extended tags.
    Note: Make sure that the image which you are trying to add as album cover are in any one of these formats JPG, JPEG and PNG, other image formats are not supported.
  5. To add more basic details such as Title, artist, year, etc, just input your details in the left Tag panel of the window by selecting the mp3 file and save.
  6. If the mp3 file already contains album cover, then it will appear as a thumbnail in the left Tag panel. You can also drag & drop pictures intothe panel to include image tag (or) right click on the thumbnail, which is displayed on the left panel to add/edit album cover pictures.
    Tag Panel - to add basic details of mp3 file
  7. Eventually save tag once everything is done. 
Additional Note: Mp3Tag can also be used to customize playlist cover/album photo for mp4 video file format

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