How To Change SBI Net Banking Access Rights From Viewing | Limited to FULL Transaction

Internet banking is the efficient way to sit back relax and do all your transaction from home without waiting in queue for hours in the bank to do a single transaction, and also there is no guarantee that how much time it would take for a transaction to complete if you visit the branch directly. So in this modern era people are in need of the internet banking facility to avoid wasting their precious time without doing nothing in banks.

State Bank of India net banking facility can be availed by any age category account holders and based on their age & account type their access level are classified into 3 different categories such as viewing, limited and full transaction rights.

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What is Viewing, Limited and Full Transaction Rights in SBI Internet Banking?
Account holders with full transaction rights can enjoy full freedom over their account. Whereas account holders with viewing (or) limited transaction rights are restricted to do payment (or) transfer amount to any other banks/third parties etc.
Transaction Rights Category- SBI
View Rights: As per the SBI/RBI rules children/teenagers who haven't attained the age of 18 will be considered as a minor, So account holders below 18 years of age are not allowed to do any online transactions, however, they can avail SBI internet banking facility online to view/monitor their SBI account.

Limited Transaction Rights: Usually online banking with limited transaction rights are opened for and on behalf of minor account holders, However, any account holder who doesn't prefer to do any third party transactions can also opt for this limited access.

With this limited rights, account holders can do transactions only within the same account(i.e. amount transferred/paid to accounts within the same customer ID) transaction such as RD payment, FD payment, Loan Repayment Etc.

Full Transaction Rights: Full control for the account holder, so they can transfer amounts to any account holders of any bank accounts/credit cards (or) within the bank through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Internation Fund Transfer/Wire Transfer etc.

How to Get Full Transaction Rights to Transfer Amounts to Other Banks in SBI NetBanking?
You would've opened your account when you're a minor, so at that time you will be provided only viewing rights for your self-account in SBI net banking. when u complete 18+ years of age, though you can avail full transaction rights it will not be updated automatically, which requires self-intervention to upgrade the access rights.
Way 1 - Get Full transaction rights through Online:
  1. Login to SBI net banking portal 
  2. Then tap on to e-service tab and in upgrade access level field Select full transaction rights and click on submit.
  3. Immediately you'll receive a high-security password(OTP) on your registered mobile number.
  4. Enter the OTP in that required field and submit. 
  5. After successful validation, the access level will be upgraded within the next 4 hrs.
Way 2 - Get Full Transaction rights by Visiting Home Branch: 
Update the KYC(know your customer) by directly visiting the home branch and submit the appropriate Identity proof such as Aadhar Card, Pass Port etc. And request them to provide full transaction rights in Netbanking, then they will process the request in CBS(Core Banking Solution).

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Note: If your online account is opened with limited access right then you can upgrade to the full transaction right either by visiting the home branch or through SBI internet banking portal. But if your account is Viewing only, then until you attain 18 years of age it cannot be upgraded to Full transaction rights.

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