How to Change or Reset Always Settings In Android

Complete Action Using - Default Setting
Every Android app developers wish to attain the maximum number of users for their app. To achieve this developers will append extra features into their application, making it capable to do multitasking, so an application which you downloaded for a specific task may do several others task as well, As a result of two or more application installed in the device, which will essentially do similar task, hence when a file/link attempted to open, Application's capable of processing the file/link will be categorized and prompt to make selection between two choice either Always or Just Once.
When "Just Once" is opted then each time it will prompt to make choices between applications which one to choose with under which category either "Just Once or Always". But if Always is selected, from then on the file/link will be opened in the same application every time without pestering for selection from the list of applications.

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How to Undo Always In Select Home App as In Android 
Have you downloaded and Installed a new app from google playstore which is crammed with great features than the default/OLD app, but found your files still opening in the default app instead of the newly downloaded phenomenal app, this might be because of your selection that you opted during "Select home app" or "Complete Action using" as while opening link or any file. Thereby every time it opens with the same application which is no longer your preferred one to open with.
  1. Go to settings in your android device
    Android Settings
  2. Navigate to Apps Menu or Application Manager
  3. Here in this section you will find all downloaded and installed app in your device as section like Downloaded, Pre-Loaded, Running, Moveable and All. Swipe and Tap on All section
    Apps ->ALL
  4. Select the app from the list that opens by default whenever you tap on a file/link, which you want to reset.
  5. In App Info swipe down you'll find launch by default, Now click on "Clear defaults"
    Tap on Clear Defaults
  6. And you're done.
Now open the file or link that you want to open with the preferred application, since the application settings for the app has been reset, hence it will prompt again to select your preferred application, then select your preferred application and Tap on Always to set it as default.

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