How to Change WhatsApp Default Font Style and Format

WhatsApp was initiated as a platform to correlate people digitally without vocal communication. Like verbal communication, non-verbal communication can also be expressive, For example in verbal communication adding variant sounds and pressure to the word will add a different meaning to the word. whereas, in non-verbal communication like texting the same word can also represent several meanings with the fonts and styles used to form the word.
No doubt that smileys/emoticons are the best way to convey emotions via text to someone in messengers, but yet there are few emotions and expression that cannot be attained even by these emoticons.

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Why to USE font style in WhatsApp ?
Each type of fonts has its own history & representation and the most common type of font style that can be appended within any other font types are BOLD, ITALIC, and Strike Through.
  • Bold Text: Usually making a word or line in a phrase bold is to stand out from other words.
  • Italic : It is the most appealing font style in any article. To emphasize a word in a sentence using bold style is fine, but making several word bold in an article will be disruptive to the person reading the text, so to avoid such situation Italic styles are used to emphasize one or more words in a sentence.
  • Strike Through : This one style itself has several hidden meaning, For example in some sentence when it is used, it'll denote the mistake which should not be considered for inclusion. In some other case, it is used to denote that the word is recently edited or deleted.
How to Customize Fonts in Whatsapp ?
Changing WhatsApp font is not a rocket science, just tapping on few symbols before and after your words/text will do the magic.
  • Bold Fonts > To make your font bold, just add the symbol * (Asterisk) before and after the text which you want to highlight in bold.
  • Italic Fonts > To make your font Italic just add the _(underscore) symbol before and after the word or sentence you want to highlight in Italic.
  • Strike Through > To add a strikethrough in WhatsApp font, just add ~ (tilde) symbol before and after word that you want to mark.
  • Fixedsys Font > To change the default font to fixedsys font format, just add three ```(back quote) symbol before and after the text that you want the different font to applied.
Whatsapp font format and style 
Note: Left single curly quote symbol for fixedsys font format will not be available in the 1st tab of the number keypad in WhatsApp mobile, tap on to the next tab in number keypad to find the single curly quotes symbol.

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How to change the font size in Whatsapp ?
Changing the size of the font in Whatsapp will not deliver big or small size text to the recipient, changes in size are applied only for better vision for different human eyes.
  • Open WhatsApp messenger and tap on the settings.
  • Click on chat option and tap on font size.
  • Select your preferred size from the 3 option either small,medium or large.
increase/decrease WhatsApp font size

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