How to Find SBI Debit Card Expiry Date to Generate UPI Pin

I am writing this after struggled to generate a UPI pin with my SBI bank debit card details. In any payment portals when debit or credit card details are requested, along with the card number we may be asked to input the validity/Expiry date as an additional authentication agenda to complete the transaction.

Most of the payments portal accepts either of the two entries (i.e.) "Valid from or Valid Up to" which is available on the card. However not every payment portal accepts "Valid From" date to avoid processing expired credit/debit cards to progress further. Because all banks payment cards do have a validity expiry date to replace wear and tear damaged cards after used for long period of time and also to prevent fraudsters from taking control if counterfeited.

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Where is SBI Debit Card Validity Expiry Date?
SBI has released maestro, master and visa debit card services over time but of all these debit cards old maestro debit card does not have an expiry date printed on them.

If you don't find a validity expiry date on your SBI maestro debit card Just enter the default Date 01/49 (01 = month and 2049 = year] for all maestro cards issued by State Bank of India Groups.

How to Search SBI Debit Cards Validity Details Online?
For Master and Visa debit card users, if your card is faded (or) the date printed over it had got erased after hard use then do the following to find the SBI debit card validity status and expiry date.
  • 1: Login to SBI internet banking
  • 2: And click on e-Services from the menu bar, under e-Services tab from the main menu navigate to -> ATM card services  -> ATM card limit/channel/Usage change
    e-Services - > ATM card Services - > ATM card limit change      
  • 3: Now select the accounts associated with the Debit card and click on continue to see the card number/name/card status and Expiry date.
Now you know where to look for SBI debit cards validity status. And don't worry if you're using other debit cards and you're so close to the expiry date, banks will re-issue new debit cards with same card number and extended validity date 1 to 2 months prior they expire and send to your local address and the old card can also be used for usual transactions till it expiry date even though you got the new card in advance.

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