How to Clear Recent Emoji/Smiley Chats in WhatsApp

Not everyone password protect their device from unauthorized user access there are some people who won't store any important information on their device who will use mobile phones like a computer temporary storage(RAM).

However, there are some places where we usually ignore to remove traces of chats completely, that is emojis/smileys in recent tabs. Emotions and facial expression of various forms are derived as smileys, which can actually reveal a lot of information clearly than a text conversation.

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Why Smileys for Communication?
Smileys are the only way to communicate without any offense, even an angry smiley doesn't add so much meaning to it because these smileys are artfully appealing.

How to Delete Recent Emoticons/Smileys Chats from Social Messengers
We all knew that just a select and tap on delete button will delete the WhatsApp and other social media text messages from the app history, but have you ever thought of clearing chats conveyed through emoji's, which exists in the recent tab for easier re-use of the same icon again.

For those who are seeking for an option in the Messenger settings to clear recent emoji chat histories, just stop searching roots at top of the tree. In our previous article, we've revealed that most of the social messengers like WhatsApp uses devices default keyboard only and the same cannot be applied in this article. Now you would have guessed where to search for an option to delete the recent emojis/Smiley chats.
  • Step 1: If your intention is to delete only recent Emoji/Smiley chats from history and want your text conversation to exist even after deleting emojis chat history then follow the below steps else ignore step 1 and go to step 2.
    • Open WhatsApp -> Go to Settings -> and tap on Chats -> Chat backup - > click on "Backup" to create backup of text conversation.
    Create WhatsApp chat backup
  • Step 2:  Now go to android settings -> Apps -> Whatsapp - > in Storage - Click on Clear Data.
    Clear WhatsApp Data
  • Step 3: Now open WhatsApp and sign-on with your mobile number again then verify and if you wish to restore the text messages back then click on backup to restore back the text messages alone without recent emoji chats history, if not then skip to open whatsapp without any history conversation/chats/messages etc.
    Click on Restore - To Restore text messages alone back to WhatsApp

    After successful sign-on No recent emoji
  • Step 4: And you're done. by now you would've successfully restored the text messages and removed the recent emoji chats from WhatsApp.

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