How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos(Media Files)

Is quite common that almost anything you post on social media goes viral, despite the content uniqueness and entertaining, it's the "share" utility that droves the content to hit many people in a very short interval.

But have you ever tried to share (or) download WhatsApp status videos and photos into your device to share/save your favorite WhatsApp statuses shared by friends/contacts? without using any other third party applications. If not then try now, you can observe that by default such facility is not yet implemented in this social messenger giant with several billion users.

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Download Whatsapp Videos and Photos Status:-
Always remember whatever played or viewed on your device do not emerge directly from the source portal/site, the media file will be buffered and stored in your device temporary storage medium and then seeable on the handset. Hence if you know the location where the data are stored and have access to it then you can download what you see. Just follow the below steps to download (or) share WhatsApp statuses that fade away the very next day.

Note: By default file manager app will exist in smartphone devices to access internal and external storage. If not, then download and install file manager from Google Play Store before proceeding with the below steps.
  1. Go to file manager - >Internal Storage - > WhatsApp -> Media 
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  2. At top right corner click on three dots option to list additional menus and tap on  "Show Hidden Folders".
  3. Now hidden folders with a prefix as dot will be visible, For example (.Statuses) 
  4. Open .Statuses folder to view the WhatsApp status media files such as photos and videos with random text as titles. Note: Only videos and photos that are viewed/loaded will exist in this folder(.Statuses)
    Whatsapp Status videos and photos in .Statuses folder
  5. Note: sort the media files based on date/size to identify the status video/photo you're looking for.

Now copy/move the status video/photo to another folder which is not concealed with a prefix as a dot(.) to make it accessible through Apps (or) share the media file right away to any social media.
Note: Since WhatsApp statuses vanish automatically after every 24 hours, media status shared by your contacts remains in your App only till 24hours. However, the videos/photos status media files sustain in the same hidden folder(.statuses) until any new media status shared by the same contacts again the next day or any other upcoming days.

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