How to Remove WhatsApp Chat Messages Sent By Mistake?

Good news for WhatsApp users, after several suggestions and concerns from its users, WhatsApp has finally implemented a feature that will let message senders delete the sent message before and even after reading the text/media chats by the recipient.

Because if you sent something by mistake, Whatsapp gives another option to recall the message by deleting it from the recipient's devices. The features which are almost similar to Microsofts Outlook e-mail recall message functionality.

Caution: This feature(option) to delete the sent chat messages will automatically vanish after 7 minutes from the posted time. So always remember mistakes can be corrected only when you realize that it's a mistake and plunge into action before it's not too late.

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How to Delete Sent/Delivered or Read WhatsApp Chats?
This feature is applicable to both individual chats and group chats, Just follow the below steps to erase WhatsApp chats messages immediately within 7 minutes from both sender and receiver even if the chat is already delivered or viewed. 
  1. Visit the Google play store and update the latest WhatsApp messenger version(2.17.395) or higher. 
  2. Once Whatsapp is updated, Just tap and hold on to the text/media chat sent after the update and click on delete icon at the top, 
    Tap and Hold on the Chat to be Deleted
  3. Immediately a window prompts to select an option with the below user action, 
    1. Delete For Me - Deletes the text/media chat only from your device
    2. Cancel - To cancel the current delete action
    3. Delete For Everyone - Deletes from both sender and receiver App
  4. Simply select "Delete For Everyone" to delete the text/media chat messages from the sender and receiver end. [Note: Media files such as photos and videos can be saved on your device.
    Tap on Delete for Everyone to Remove the content from both the participants
  5. Now the text is deleted, however, the trace will still subsist with a message like below screenshot.
    This screenshot reveals that someone posted chat but deleted it immediately
  6. So now you know how fast you should react to your mistakes in Whatsapp Messages.
Note: This feature is applicable only for the upcoming text messages sent/posted after the successful latest version update, Deleting the message sent before the updates or after 10 minutes of text delivered will have no option to delete the text message.

What if the content posted on WhatsApp is more than 7 minutes?
If the user is offline(content is not delivered) then you've another chance to delete the chat messages that you don't wish the receiver to view.

To know more about how to delete sent but not delivered WhatsApp Messages. visit the below link

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